SUMMARY : NIS between SUNos4.1.x and SOlaris 2.x

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Date: Sat Sep 10 1994 - 02:53:18 CDT

Well I really got 2 major responses on this one. The first was
basically an RTFM (READ THE F#$@$*^ MANUAL) , which I will confess
may well have saved me time. The response included modifying the nsswitch.conf
from :
passwd: files nis

To :
passwd: nis files

That should do the trick. I have 60 Sunos4.1.x machine versus 3 Solaris 2.x
Therefore I admit I am not as proficient on the Solaris 2.x.
Thank You To EVERYONE who responded. Your the ones that make this work.
Below is the original question.

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Subject: NIS between SUNos4.1.x and SOlaris 2.x
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Sun Managers,
I am running in a mixed sunos4.1.x and solaris2.x enviroment. I have my
NIS master on a 4.1.x. I trying to get the passwd file on the solaris 2.x to
look at the nis BEFORE trying its local one (ie +::0:0:::). But that does
not seem to behave as it should. If there is no passwd entry for a given user in the local Solaris 2.x it does go to the nis map then. Am I missing the picture here? Thank you in advance for your help.

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