SUMMARY : Where do I get SUNWbtool???

Date: Thu Sep 08 1994 - 12:56:55 CDT

My original question was:
> Folks --
> I am trying to get gcc 2.5.6 working on my SS1 with Sol 2.3. In the
> INSTALL text file, it says to add the package "SUNWbtool", which is
> available with "SPARCCompilers 2.0 Bundled tools". Well, the reason I'm
> installing gcc is that I don't want to by Sun's c complier.
> Also, when I tried to make "make" from make 3.70, it died. I am assuming that
> this is related to my incomplete "c" compiler.
> Any idea where I can get the SUNWbtool without buying it? How about "make"?
> Please understand I'm not a c programmer - I just need the c compiler to
> get the stuff I pull off the net to work. It is safe to assume my level
> of knowledge is "stupid" when I get into this area.
> Thanks!!!
> Charlie Mengel
> Columbia MD

The answer is that it is on the Solaris 2.3 CD!!!
Although this was deserving of a flame, nobody did. Thanks for your patience.
I should have looked further at the docs.

Thanks to:
Robert Pasken
Aage Reinhold Nielsen
Wayne Sibley
Mike Raffety
Henry Katz
Richard Davis
Pierre Martini
Michael G. Harrington
Chuck Foley
Roy Ramberg
Nino Margetic
Luis Alberto Scandelari Bussmann
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