[non-SUMMARY] rpcbind loses file descriptors

From: B. Shorter (bill@aloft.att.com)
Date: Wed Sep 07 1994 - 17:20:18 CDT


I have posted several times about a situation wherein the "rpcbind"
process (Solaris 2.3) runs out of file descriptors. This is seen on
a SPARCstation-10 which runs a lot of SunNet Manager v2.2 activity.

Sun has found the source of the problem. The Bug ID is 1173201.
Engineering has escalated the fix and it should appear likely in
patch 101318-xx shortly.

On my system, Sun replaced /kernel/drv/tcl, /kernel/drv/tco, /kernel/drv/tcoo.
The file descriptor leak appears fixed.

Bill Shorter

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