Summary: HSI board and cables

From: Larry Chin (
Date: Wed Sep 07 1994 - 16:58:00 CDT

                        ==== Original Query ====

        Does anyone have a source of V.35 to RS-442 ( aka RS-449 ) cables ?

        I recently purchased a Sun HSi board to use with some 56K lines
        that I am playing around with, but I am having problems finding
        a cable to attach the DSU/CSU to the HSi patch panel.

        The problem is the cable that I require is a V.35 to RS-442 (
        aka RS-449 ), and no one seems to make that as a stock item or
        even have any idea if it is possible to create such a cable.

        For clarifications sake, the V.35 is on the DSU/CSU and the
        RS-442(9) female socket is on the HSi patch panel.

        If anyone knows of a source for these cables in Canada/US (
        preferably the former ) would you *please* send the contact
        info along ?

                        ===== Summary ====

Well there are a variety of sources ( most originating in the U.S ). I finally
went with the Black Box solution which looks like a modem ( albeit a cheapy
one ), however looks can be deceiving as the thing works like a charm.

The only thing I had to do was configure the V.35 and RS-422 ports to be
DCE and DTE via jumpers on the board.

Alternate sources of this stuff:

Ascom Timplex @ (800)237-6670

General DataComm Inc.
Middlebury, CT 06762-1299
(203) 574-1118

Little Silver, New Jersey
(908) 842-5757

Patton Electronics ( Patton Model 2020 )
International +353 1 2952629.

Black Box in Pittsburg, Pa.
(415) 746-5500

Communications Cable Company
827 Arnold Drive, Suite 100
Martinez, CA 94553
(510) 372-3244

RAD Data communications
US East: 201-529-1100
US West: 714-897-2448

Thanks to: (Syed Zaeem Hosain)
Dan Jiracek <>
dec@decipc.UCSD.EDU (David Chavez ) (Randy Diffenderfer CT/90) (Paul D. Guthrie) (Rob Aronson)
Fintan Keeling <>
Frank DeBolt <>
Pete Teklinski System Manager - x2908 <> (Aristotle Vinuya)
"Mark E. Almeida" <mealmei@kn.PacBell.COM> (ROBERT DUCKWORTH)

Wed Sep 7 05:08:45 EDT 1994
Larry Chin {} System/Network Administrator
CCH Canadian Ltd. (416) 441-4001 ext. 349

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