SUMMARY: Stopping the clock on a HSI card

From: Brett Lymn (
Date: Wed Sep 07 1994 - 08:23:47 CDT

Quite a while I sent out this plea:

> We are using Sun HSI cards to drive ISDN Terminal Adapters for
> the links in our WAN. Soon we are going to have a magic box that will
> allow us to multiplex voice and data over the ISDN link. The problem
> I have is that to perform flow control on the data channel the
> multiplexor will stop the clock going to the HSI card. Can anyone
> tell me what effect stopping the Rx clock to the HSI card will have?
> I suspect it is not good but I really need to know before we set this
> up. If we cannot stop the clock then we cannot have dynamic bandwidth
> allocation and our WAN link will be stuck at 19.2K :-(

Nobody had an exact answer for me so I had to wait and just try it.
Anyway the answer is that it appears to be fine. The sun drivers cope
with the clock stopping without complaint.

Thanks to Mike Raffety <> for his
answer which turned out to be correct even though he did not have the
same setup as me.

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