SUMMARY: help with configuring old ethernet SBUS card.

From: Anthony Baxter (
Date: Mon Sep 05 1994 - 23:31:20 CDT

(original query at end)

Well, this turned out to be a two-step solution - not only did I have to
flick dip switch 8, but I also had to get Solaris 2.3 to recognise the card -
this required running /opt/SUNWdiag/bin/sundiag to get it to see the card
(boot -r would not see it :-(

Thanks to: (Dale Bennett) (Gary W. Cook) (Paulo Licio de Geus)


From: (Dale Bennett)
> for a Sun 501-1450 Ethernet controller
> 8 position dip switch
> dip switch switches are off when toward the SBus connector,
> on when toward the DB15/BNC
> Start by putting all of the switches in the 'off' position,
> toward the SBus connector
> When you are holding the board with the DB15 and BNC
> connectors toward you, the 8 position dip switch is numbered
> from left to right as 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
> switch 8 off Ethernet
> switch 8 on Thin Ethernet
> My book doesn't say anything about the other switches

From: (Gary W. Cook)
> If I plug the board into a Sparcstation and boot 2.3, the board is
> not seen during the boot process when it says something about
> configurign network interfaces. Only le0 is seen. If I go to
> /opt/SUNWdiag and start sundiag, it sees the second interface, le1.
> boot -r makes no difference.

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We have an old ethernet SBUS card that we wish to use. It's one of the ones
with a BNC and an AUI connector on the back. The only identifier on it is
'S4 Ether'. It used to be used with the BNC, now we want to use it with the
AUI connector. There is a block of 8 dip switches on it, that are all pushed
towards the back of the machine - what should they be set to to enable the
AUI port, instead? We tried switching all 8 over, then the machine can't see
the card at all...

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