SUMMARY: mmap returns strange errno

From: Steve Bellenot (
Date: Fri Sep 02 1994 - 17:02:01 CDT

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Steve Bellenot <> I wrote:
>System: Sparc IPC Solaris 2.3
>mmap returns -1 and errno = 6 = ENXIO "No such device or address"
>according to the man page on mmap, this is an error that mmap does not
>return. (errno is zero before mmap call.)
>The file descriptor fd in the mmap is open (its /dev/fb),
>the call fails even when asking for 4k or 8k to be mapped, the inaddr is 0.
>ADDITIONAL info: the frame buffer is a cg3 and it is really there and
>so is its driver. Console message: WARNING: cg3_mmap: can't map dummy space!
>(both the addr and offset fields are zero in mmap call.)
>If it helps the src is the libraster version 30dec93. The same error
>occurs with cc=SUNWspro or cc=gcc. The code works on ss10/40.

As Casper suggested The problem was that you cannot mmap a cg3 with an
offset of zero. I used truss on Xsun to find what offset it was using
in its mmap call of the cg3 (This idea was Casper's too) and the correct
value is 2*128*1024. A patch for the raster-pixrect for cg3 (SparcIPC
solaris 2.3) is in

thanks to everyone who replied.

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