SUMMARY Re: Darn Banner Pages (I know I must be an Idiot. . .)

From: David Lopata (
Date: Wed Aug 31 1994 - 08:03:37 CDT


        Thanks to all that responded; the quick summary is "hack the
filter." Several people have requested me to send them any responses
I received; Here's a basic summary:

        1. On the printer's local machine:

                Check /etc/lp/printers/printname/configuration to find
                what interface file it's using. If you're using
                NeWSprint it might be /etc/lp/interfaces/printername,
                otherwise it's probably /usr/lib/lp/model/standard.

                If the filter is in /etc/lp/interfaces, then edit
                that file (a sh script) and change the line:


                To be:


                If you're using NeWSprint, you should also edit the
                /$PACKAGEAREA/spoolers/lp/np-interface file as well,
                so any futher installs of NeWSprint will also default
                to the nobanner.

        2. On the /usr file server:

                If you're using a /usr/lib/lp/model interface, make
                the same changes for the standard file. If you do
                not want *all* your printers to default to no banner
                then you should:

                1. cd /usr/lib/lp/model
                2. cp standard nobanner
                3. {edit nobanner as above}
                4. Run:

                    lpadmin -p printername -i /usr/lib/lp/model/nobanner

                    On the machine to which printername is attached.

        3. HP Jetdirect Users:

                If you're using HP Jetdirect, they don't follow the
                same conventions in their script; I tried various
                things, but the only thing that worked was to edit
                their filters and take out every:

                if [-n "$banner"]
                branch I could find. Changing the variable didn't
                seem to do the trick.

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