SUMMARY: SunOs 4.1.3 Installation

From: Vitor Le - Pre-Sales Engineer (
Date: Mon Sep 05 1994 - 15:17:59 CDT

My original question was:

I've about 30 sparc stations to install with SunOs 4.1.3U1 in
a short period of time.
Is there any way to do it like in Solaris 2.3 using a install server with the command "boot net - install" ??

The majority of the answers was like the following :

use dd to clone the disks, then one at a time change the /etc/hosts and
/etc/hostnames.le0 files to give each its own personality, ie name/IP.

A different answer comes from

Yes - we do this regularly here as the need to set up new workstations on
the trading floors exacts great pressure on SAs. Unfortunately this is
a proprietary solution from our firm which probably will be marketed
commercially by an employee who left the firm to start his own firm (with
this and other products). I will tell you that the code is not that
awe inspiring and is not that much advanced than using add_services on
SunOS to make a boot server on your net. This product, however, one-ups
this SunOS feature by trapping rarpd requests from the client workstation
(s - up to 5 at a time - possibly more depending on your network) and
replies by booting off this server and starting to install the OS over
NFS mounts. I can find out this firms email address tomorrow from work
if you really wish to pursue them.

Thanks to all :

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