SUMMARY: can't start DBXTOOL under OpenWin 3.0

From: Howard Schultens (
Date: Mon Sep 05 1994 - 07:40:07 CDT

Original query:

>this is probably a simple configuration problem. I have installed OW 3.0
>on a SparcStation, and when I try to start dbxtool it gives me the error

>window: Base frame not passed parent window in environment
>Could not create the tool.

Owch, ow, ow. I was trying to start the SunView version of dbxtool without
SunView support in OW3.0. I had upgraded the SunOS version and not reinstalled
the OpenWin (ie. X) version of dbxtool from SparcWorks.

I have already received 27 courteous responses to my query. The prize goes to
Bill Morrow ( who replied approximately simultaneously
with the appearance of my query on the net. Thanks to the 26 others, too
many to list here.

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