SUMMARY: rsh problems

From: Chip Christian (
Date: Fri Sep 02 1994 - 22:23:56 CDT

I think I have my answer, since about a dozen people pointed me
at it, and I should've thought of it first anyway. Someone had added
a blank line to the services map on our master server. If that's not
it, I'll send out an ammended summary later.

Excerpts from suns: 1-Sep-94 rsh problems Chip Christian@jpmorgan. (483)

> I have a problem which pops up from time to time. We're running
> NIS and DNS. Sparc20 running SunOS 4.1.3_U1.

> Every half hour we run a series of shell scripts which do a whole bunch of
> rsh machine do_something
> (where do_something is NFS-mounted from my local machine).

> Once in a while, we get:
> rsh: shell/tcp unknown service
> /etc/services and the NIS services map both contain:
> shell 514/tcp cmd # no passwords used

> Any clues? Thanks.

> -Chip

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