SUMMARY: Does anybody know how to open a Sun CD player?

From: David H. Brierley (
Date: Fri Sep 02 1994 - 20:14:35 CDT

Original question:
> I have a Sun CD player (stand alone desktop packaging) that has a fan
> that is starting to fail. Does anybody know how to open the case on
> this thing so that we can replace the fan? We have tried prying and

Thanks to all the people that responded (too many to list here), and sorry
for the delay in sending out the summary. I got the first reponse, gave it
to the hardware tech, and then left for 4 weeks vacation.

Anyway, the answer is that there is a tab hidden behind what appears to be
the vent holes on each side of the rear of the case. Count back three holes
from the back of the case and you will see the tab hiding there. Push it in
with a small pointy thing (I used a pocket size philips screwdriver), and the
case will lift open with no problems at all.

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