SUMMARY: Automount problem (4.1.3_U1 <- 5.3)

From: Stefan Frick (
Date: Fri Sep 02 1994 - 19:41:27 CDT

This list is great, 19 replies in 4 days!

Anyway, my original problem was difficulties to have a SS5, running 4.1.3_U1,
automount the users home-directory from a SS10, running 5.3 .

I made two mistakes, the first was to have the 'secure' option in /etc/auto.master.
This seems to activate the software-DES encryption on the Solaris side, giving
all kind of strange error messages. (I thought this would only happen when you
use NIS+, which this particular system doesn't... it's installed as a 'normal'

The second mistake was to have '/etc/auto.home' instead of just 'auto.home'.
Since both auto.master and auto.home are distributed as NIS-maps, the automounter
probably got confused when the master-map pointed to a local /etc/auto.home.

By correcting the above mentioned, the automounter now worked correctly and it
was time to decide which mount-method to use.

The replies formed up into two major opinions:

#key mount-option location
'user' '5.3-server/export/home/user'


#key mount-option location
'5.3-server' '5.3-server/export/home

Well, I choosed the last one. Mainly because I just have one server with all
the users home directories and also because I get the whole of
/export/home mounted at the same time. (It also saves a lot of typing... :) )
The user's home directory now gets mounted as:
'/tmp_mnt/home1/5.3-server/user' which might seem a little bit long, but....

Btw, since I have a lot of stuff mounted statically on /home, I changed their
home-path to '5.3-server/export/home1'.

Some replies stated that I couldn't use /home and that the names of the automounter
maps should be auto_ instead of auto.
True, if you're dealing with the Solaris 2.x automounter and NIS+, which I wasn't...

Thanks to: (Thanks for pointing out the 'secure' mistake!)


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