SUMMARY: Lost console == mucked display

From: John E. Ivory (
Date: Fri Sep 02 1994 - 17:55:46 CDT


Everybody came back with pretty much the same suggestion: clear_colormap.
Unfortunately, that was NOT the answer! One person (noted below) came
in with the suggestion that I check the -e option for 'switcher' which

> The -e flag causes the overlay enable plane of the
> device specified with the -d flag to be set to either 0
> (show color) or 1 (show black and white). switcher run
> with this option has nothing to do with SunView, only
> the enable plane is set.

This did the trick! The winning command ends up being...

        switcher -e 0

And as a note, I tried every combination of flags and devices on the
clear_colormap command. Although their effects were interesting, none
did what I needed.

My special thanks to the single winner: 'pluto!'

The original problem statement...
> We've got some old 4/110's around. In OpenWindows, if the 'Console'
> window goes away (killed by a user), system type messages have no
> option but to appear scrolled across the whole screen. The normal
> route to clean the display would be to use the menu's 'Refresh' option,
> but that has no effect. All the windows and such refresh as requested,
> but the offending text remains overlayed across everything, even new
> windows.

And of course my thanks to everybody who responded trying to help...

              John F. Detke
         Jeff Kaiserman
        Rocky Gould
        Faisal Waheed
     Ed Killian (no name found)
  pluto! (no name found) <==== The Winner!
bastec!luis@skygate.brazil.Sun.COM Lums Alberto Scandelari Bussmann

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