Summary and new question (Re: Packaging software for HP & Sun systems)

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Date: Mon Sep 05 1994 - 15:16:30 CDT

Please note the follow-up line above....

A summary of responses to the original port follows below, but first,
another question....

Some of the software in question requires a default path to certain
configuration files; after making some queries locally, I selected

The installation and configuration tools I've written allow the
administrator to install the software anywhere; if the software is
installed in a location other than /usr/local/productname, a symbolic
link is created at /usr/local/productname. (These tools can also
perform a complete uninstall, removing all symlinks so created, etc.)

Question: how does the UNIX admin community feel about this choice? Is
/usr/local the appropriate place to put this symlink or to install the
software? (If there were a /usr/3rdparty, that's what I'd use....)



In article <33tevf$>, Peter Whittaker <> wrote:
>I need advice on choosing a distribution medium and data format for
>packaging UNIX software for the HP-UX and SunOS/Solaris worlds. The
>software in question, the server components of our product, is aimed at
>HP's 700 series running HP-UX 9.0+ and SPARCs running Solaris 1.1 and
>its variants (i.e. 1.1 <= Solaris < 2.0).

The consensus is for CD-ROM: all of the comments on I received (both
within USENET and email) was that floppies are far from ubiquitous in
the Sun and HP worlds, CD-ROM is quickly becoming ubiquitous - esp.
since vendors now ship the OS on CD-ROM - while the cost of CD-ROM
drives is low and still dropping ($200-$500/drive). People were also of
the opinion that delivery of UNIX software on floppies leaves a definite
negative impression of the vendor.

While I am still investigating the CD option, I am now leaning toward
ISO 9660 Implementation Level 1 and Interchange Level 1 CDs containing
an install script and tar files (there is no real reason for the tar
files to be compressed, so a few cycles will be saved there).

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