SUMMARY Re: Converting audio files

From: Joe Welfeld (
Date: Fri Sep 02 1994 - 01:25:04 CDT

Thanks to all who responded, (28 responses, 1 flame ),

I was requested to post this summary by multiple people so ...

Original question:

This is probably not the list for this (and I'm sure I will hear
about it), but I am in dire need of a program that will convert
audio files (specificly .WAV files to .au files).

The overwhelming response was for a program called "sox"

the latest version is sox10, and you can find it at:

all sorts of audio stuff there !



Then WHY did you post it? Please do not repeat the mistake.
If you don't have a newsfeed yourself, buy ($15-25/month) or
beg an account on a system where you can.

We have no news feed, but I am trying to get the disk space needed to put one up ! If there is another list for these types of
questions please let me know !!!


to convert Audible alarm files that were originaly for a PC based

Thanks to the following: (forgive me if I forgot anyone)

E.Tantimonaco@ITS.IT ( V.Tantimonaco)
Dave Hightower <> (Syed Zaeem Hosain)
Ron Hall <> (Mark Boyns)
bern@penthesilea.Uni-Trier.DE (Jochen Bern)
William Charles <>
Pete & <>
Brad - Walker <> (Doug Hahn)
Brad Burdick <> (Augustine Cano) (Matthew Siple)
"Gregory A. Parmer" <>
greggs <> (Jim Coker) (Dan Penrod)
Richard Skelton <>
Frank DeBolt <>
Gary Merinstein <> (Luis Fernando V. Gomes)
Andy Hewett <>

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