SUMMARY - Sun Monitors on PCs

Date: Thu Sep 01 1994 - 16:22:22 CDT

On Thursday I asked if any one knew how I could use a
Sun Greyscale monitor with a PC in S/VGA mode.

The answer is in general, Sun Monitors have fixed horizontal
frequencies in the range of 66KHz to 75KHz and cannot
be used with normal VGA cards that operate around 35KHz.

There is some hope:
Tim Work suggested using Video Seven Spea 1280 card which
has the appropriate frequency. He also suggested investigating
monitor cards used for CAD systems. sells a card that will do Sun Color

If you can find a card cable are available from
        Redmond Cables, Redmond WA
        Pinnacle 614.487.1150
        Nudata 908-842-5757

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