SUMMARY: 101318 patch on Sparc 5

From: Randy Olsson (
Date: Tue Aug 30 1994 - 14:35:52 CDT

>I have a Sparc 5 running Solaris 2.3. I tried to install patch 101318 and
>got version errors (see below). Is there a separate patch for the sparc 5?

1) Not a problem. The patch includes versions for several arch types.

2) what this is showing you is that the sun4c and sun4d versions of the patch
are not applied, which is correct, since you are running a sun4m system.

3) Avoid 101318-42 and -50 and go for -54.
(I was using -45; the -54 worked fine when I tried it)

4) It seems to me I had a similar problem which was due to not following the
install directions EXACTLY. You had to be in the directory that was specified
in the cd command in the directions and you had to enter the install
command exactly as given (with appropriate substituions). Then it worked

The -45 patch did not install correctly. This was confirmed when I tried
to use backoutpatch and it complained about the patch not being installed.
I got the -54 patch and it installed correctly and finished with the
"Installation successful" messages. The Architecture mismatch errors are
normal for the sun4m and do not affect the patch installation. (See
the Readme for the patch for a full explanation.)

I don't know why the -45 patch died before completing the installation.

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