SUMMARY: Workman Fix

Date: Tue Aug 30 1994 - 13:56:34 CDT

I would first like to thank all of those who responded to my request:

Bryan Hall (
Gene Loriot (
Dotty Pon (
Reggie Dugard (
Joe Mervini (
Glenn Satchell (
Phil Meyer (
Steve Kilbane (
Susan Wilsons (
Birger A Wathne (

My original problem description:

I have a Sparc-10 running Solaris 2.3 and I am experiencing the following

I have a copy of the SUN Workman software utility which enables audio CDs to
be played on the CD-ROM drive. After compiling it, I noticed that in order
to get it to work, I have to kill the volume manager (vold). The Workman
software works at this point but while I'm listening to the CD, the system,
begins to die a slow death and eventually hang. If I try to start the
program while vold is running I get:

"/dev/rdsk/c0t6d0s2: Device busy"

It was Dotty Pon ( who gave me the helpful
hint about the the order of commands in the /etc/rmmount.conf file that
fixed the problem. In the 'Actions' section of the file, I had the mount
command for the file manager (cdrom) ahead of the Workman line. As a result,
the file manager would try to mount the audio CD as a volume. Inverting the
two lines did the trick:

# Actions
action cdrom /export/home/chrisl/workman/workman
action cdrom
action floppy

To those of you who inquired about where to get a copy of this software, try
'' for the latest release. Thanks to Reggie Dugard
( and Steve Kilbane ( for this info.

Once again, thanks to everyone that helped.


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