SUMMARY: Help with UUCP between Solaris and 4.1.3

From: Susan Chay (
Date: Thu Sep 01 1994 - 23:18:46 CDT

Thanks to the following for their replies :

        From: (David Haut)
        From: fhlee@csam.MY (Lee Fook Heng)

It turns out that the S111 register setting on the Telebit T2500
was set to 255. After changing it to S111=30, it works flawlessly !

The real clue was in the following :

> state - [INIT code a] (01)
> Proto start-fail g

Thanks to David about his tip in checking the g protocol.

Here are the responses :

>From: (David Haut)

A real interesting one. It looks like your Solaris 2.3 machine (zeus) is
rejecting the g communication protocol for some reason. The g protocol is
the default communication protocol for uucp and provides error checking, etc ...

The only two things that I know that can cause this is that you are specifying
a different protocol in the /etc/uucp/Devices file or in the /etc/uucp/Config
file ...

In your Devices file, make sure you are just specifying the device and
NOT a protocol. For example, if you are using ACU as the device, make
sure that your entry looks something like this ...

ACU cua/b - 2400 hayes

and NOT this ...

ACU,e cua/b - 2400 hayes

The second entry forces uucp to use the e protocol.

In the Config file, just make sure that you are not specifying a Potocol. For
more info read the Config file ...

Hope this helps ...

David Haut
Systems Engineer, PDC Services Inc.
510-449-3113 (VOICE)
510-449-3332 (FAX)

>From: fhlee@csam.MY

try to check the modem flow control. You should set
the flow control to 'no flow control' - not xon/xoff.

If that still doesn't work, try to use 'f' protocol.

to use 'f' protocol, set in /etc/uucp/Systems
athena Any ACU,f 9600 xxxx .......

Original Message :

> Modem attached: Telebit T2500
> (b) zeus (Solaris 5.3)
> Modem attached: Telebit WorldBlazer
> I have UUCP successfully communicating between the above 2 machines if I
> initiate uucico from zeus (to athena).
> However, if I initiate the uucico command from athena into zeus,
> it fails and I get the following message :
> Successful: System=zeus
> omsg "Sathena -x9"
> imsg >^PROK^@msg-ROK
> Rmtname zeus, Role MASTER, Ifn - 6, Loginuser - root
> rmesg - 'P' imsg >^PPgGetxf^@got PgGetxf
> wmesg 'U'g
> omsg "Ug"
> send CNTL, INITA, val 7
> recv CNTL, INITA, val 3
> send CNTL, INITB, val 1
> state - [INIT code a] (01)
> recv CNTL, INITC, val 3
> send CNTL, INITB, val 1
> ...
> ...
> ...
> ...
> recv CNTL, INITC, val 3
> send CNTL, INITB, val 1
> state - [INIT code a] (01)
> recv CNTL, INITC, val 3
> send CNTL, INITB, val 1
> state - [INIT code a] (01)
> Proto start-fail g
> exit code 101
> Conversation Complete: Status FAILED
> If you have any suggestions as to how I may try to fix the problem please
> let me know.

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