SUMMARY: _svcauth_des errors (invalid, corrupt), authdes_validate

From: Kevin O'Donnell (
Date: Wed Aug 31 1994 - 07:14:47 CDT

The Problem:

I recently moved the root master server for NIS+ to a new machine and set up
automounting for home directories and a number of software packages.
Since then there have been large numbers (100s/day) of messages appearing in
the /var/adm/messages logfile on the root master server such as:

Aug 23 16:20:45 tulip nisd[2045]: _svcauth_des: corrupted window . . .
Aug 23 16:56:20 tulip nisd[2045]: _svcauth_des: timestamp is earlier than . . .
Aug 23 17:01:15 tulip nisd[2045]: _svcauth_des: invalid timestamp received . . .

And occasionally on various clients (which supply automount directories):

Aug 23 14:45:39 king mountd[1354]: authdes_validate: verifier mismatch

Things seem to be working more or less except that the automounter core dumps
occasionally, and intermittently logins and file system commands slow to a
crawl and some automounts fail. Unfortunately all the manuals I have here
seem to be kind of short on trouble shooting info.

The Answers:

The 100s of timestamp messages are harmless according to Sun.

Thanks to john@BOTCC.Com (John Howard)
          epl@Kodak.COM (Gene Loriot (

The authdes_validate messages seem to be caused by NIS clients (which did
NOT have credentials) providing automounted filesystems to the NIS+ machine.
If all your machines do have credentials, you might try to rebuild them.

This seemed to clean up most of the messages, I'm still tracking down a
couple of occasional /net mounts of far flung clients.

Thanks to Markus Storm <>

The corrupt window messages look like a credentials problem. It was suggested
that an nisupdkeys on the master nis+ server followed by nisping org_dir
might fix the problem. Since I was already going to rebuild the clients, I
re-entered the credentials to be safe and let the rebuild handle things.
All the corrupt windows messages disappeared.

Thanks to epl@Kodak.COM (Gene Loriot (

The automounter dumps seems to have stopped for the time being although login
responses are still flakey sometimes. No idea if there is a connection.

 Kevin O'Donnell
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