SUMMARY: 4/690 upgrade problem: Mono monitor

Date: Tue Aug 30 1994 - 02:36:36 CDT

Well, that didn't take too long! Early this morning I wrote:

> Hi. I'm attempting to upgrade two Sun 4/490 to a Sun 4/690 with
> SuperSPARC CPUs. The first one, which has no monitor attached,
> went just dandy, but when I upgraded the second, which includes
> a 19" monochrome monitor, the screen does not show up correctly -
> it's just a bunch of scrabbled lines. I am able to use the keyboard,
> and when I type in commands, I can see the lines change on the
> display, but it's just not quite right.
> So, anybody have ideas on this? The monitor is Sun part #365-1016-01,
> model M. I noticed in the Sun price list for 490 upgrades, it states
> the SBus ECL Monochrome frame buffer must be of revision "-08" or above.
> I installed the frame buffer (UG-MFB-G), but don't see where the
> revision number is. This machine serves a number of important X
> applications for us, so it's kind of high priority. Any help would
> be appreciated!

Martin Oksnevad came in first with the correct answer, which was to remove
the jumper from the framebuffer. There's only one, at location jmp4.
The jumper indicates whether one is using a standard or high-res
monitor. Once I removed it, the monitor started working just fine.

Jeff Mallory had the same problem as I did, and got around it by using
a high-res monitor, such as 365-1123 or 365-1047.

John DiMarco also stated to remove the jumper, and commented that there
should have been a readme that came with the frame buffer to explain this.
I guess I didn't receive it with my framebuffer. Bummer.

Thanks to the list for the quick responses, and to the following people:

John DiMarco <> (Jeff Mallory) (Martin Oksnevad)



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