SUMMARY: Q: How to keep ftped file's time/date same as FTP server ?

From: Yen-Wen Chen (
Date: Mon Aug 29 1994 - 02:30:16 CDT

Hi, Sun Managers:

original question:
> I have a stupid question about ftp. When we ftp a file from ftp server,
> how to keep the file's date/time same as to FTP server?

I received three replies as follows:

1. by Danny,
    The ftp client ncftp available in the comp.sources.unix (I think it is
    in .unix) archives does this automatically.
    << I prefer this one, and it works >>

2. by poul,
    using "touch" to do it. ==> read the manual as you have both /usr/bin/touch
    and /usr/5bin/touch.

3. by pluto!
    I know of no way to do this with ftp alone, but you can preserve the
    timestamp by archiving the file(s) with tar or cpio, then transferring
    the archive, and finally extracting it.
    << if you has write permission in FTP servers >>


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