SUMMARY: (null) No match. Segmentation fault (su)

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Date: Sat Aug 27 1994 - 14:20:28 CDT

Thanks to all who responded!
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Here is my poorly stated question (I should've included more context):
>(null) No match.
>Segmentation fault
>I get these lines when, as a non-superuser, I type su. This started
>after running the /usr/etc/install/add_user script. I looked at the
>passwd file, but didn't notice anything untoward.

And here are some of the very helpful answers I got back:

Try running the command
to check the password file. Also run /usr/etc/grpck to check the
group file. This will check the integrety of the password and group
files in /etc.

I do not know anything about the exact cause of the Segmentation fault.

Try Reading and re-Writing it with vipw. Remember to look both at
/etc/passwd and the passwd File your YP Map is built from (if
applicable). If that doesn't solve the Problem, log in as root (if you
can) and move the root Entry up in the passwd File. If, starting at a
specific Line, Things work again, scan the neighboring Lines very
cautiously for anything differing from the previous Lines. If you
can't get it to work no Matter where you put it, examine the root Entry

Try it as a few different users
from a few different directories
using /bin/su and /usr/5bin/su
TO a few different userids
with and without the '-' flag

Use pwck to check your passwd file.
Have you a valid shell ?

is root the first entry in your passwd file? there shouldn't be any
entries above root.

Is your passwd file world readable? If it is not, this will cause
problems, one example being that user names are displayed as (null)
on ps output.

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