SUMMARY: rsh command hangs

From: Port Of Singapore Authority (
Date: Sat Aug 27 1994 - 05:52:19 CDT

My question was:

>I issue the following command

 server# rsh client halt

it hangs there. Anyway to set a time-out for rsh ? I have
tried the patch 101673-01, which allows to set time out for rsh, but it
doesn't work.
Anyone tried this patch and it works ?

Thanks for all the responses.

set up a "reboot" account that just performs a reboot then....
server# rsh client su - reboot

I now have the following script accessible from all workstations:
batch <<eof
/etc/shutdown -r now >& /dev/null
Let's say I call it REBOOT.
rsh machine1 REBOOT

server# rsh client "(sleep 5;halt)>&/dev/null&"

server# rsh -n client 'halt &'

rsh client -n exec /bin/sh -c "'exec /etc/halt </dev/null >/dev/null2>&1'"

rsh client halt < /dev/null &

Thanks again !

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