SUMMARY: Can not set USER environment variable error

From: Michael A. Gruen (mikeg@tophat.Pima.GOV)
Date: Thu Aug 25 1994 - 20:37:34 CDT

My original problem revolved around a user who experienced the error message "Can not set
USER environment variable" after being added to our new NIS+ domain via the nispopulate
script. The environment was

Several of you suggested applying patch 101318-54, which I did, but which didn't help the

Some folks suggested problems with the credentials, where I'm sure the problem is located,

        After applying the latest patch, we again tried to remove and restore the users
        local and des credentials using nisaddcred -r and nisaddcred -p which succesfully
        completed, but didn't resolve the issue. We even tried deleting the user from the
        passwd, org_dir and cred tables and reinstalling him without success. We made sure
        that the user owned his entry in the passwd table (Everyone does here, now!) but
        still got the error when we recreated him with his old UID.

We finally changed the UID of the account and chowned all of his files to the new uid.
He's happy, I'm still perplexed about the cause of the issue, but we're going to lock that
UID for now and deal with it when things slow down... (Which translates to never, if you're
a county government system administrator.)

Thanks to: (Robert Wolf) (Tim White)
 epl@Kodak.COM (Gene Loriot (
 John Protulipac 37856 <jjp@ssd.Kodak.COM> (Boyd Merworth) (Matt Sherek)
 Katherine Hosch <>
 Gary Merinstein <>

for your responses to this issue.

Mike Gruen
Network Operations Manager
Pima County Technical Services
Tucson, AZ USA

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