SUMMARY: Mac emulation in Solaris2.3

From: Trevor Morrison (
Date: Thu Aug 25 1994 - 09:36:59 CDT

Dear Sun Managers,

Thanks to all who responded. Many gave me very detailed
accounts. Here are the details of what I wanted:
> I want to be able to read mac discs and run
> things like macwrite,clarisworks, writenow etc.
> for reading someones docs from mac discs. I can
> arrange to have the discs come in sensible format
> (instead of the old 800kB mac form)
> or to put them into mac folders mounted via gatorboxes
> on the unix file sytstem.
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 U 25 frederic_piard@fr.gsi.erli.kangourou Thu Aug 25 11:26 93/3979 RE: Mac emulation in Sola

(Sorry about format of the above list)

There appear to be a few products available
1) Liken
2) MAE
3) and maybe Cayman do something

Liken (from a company called Andataco) can be obtained
from your dealers and was on its own
until Apple's recent release of MAE (Macintosh Application
Environment). As far as I can see there is no public domain
emulators like this.
I am told that one can get an ftp demo of
MAE from Apple and maybe Liken can be provided in a similar
manner. All have problems reading the old 800k Mac discs
of course and you will have to convert these via a mac
with fd/hd floppy drive I suppose if you have data on these.

Here is a comparison of MAE kindly sent by
Bob Worsham:

> Liken MAE
> ------- -------
> Reasonable response SLOW on SS5,
> on SS2 (should be reasonable on SS1000
> fine on SS5 as well)
> System 6.0.7 System 7.1
> (doesn't support (Supports all System
> applications requiring 7 applications [at
> System 7) least all I tried] :-)
> Black & White Color
> Limited Network No network support
> Support (supposedly (in progress - promised
> can use email - not by end of year)
> yet tested)
> Uses "Macintosh hard Uses/sees Unix file
> drive" (must allocate as hard drive (You
> space on in directory are not contrained
> for this "hard drive", by a preallocated
> actually a single file file, but can use
> the size of the desired entire file system)
> hard drive. i.e. to --> applications can
> obtain a 100 MB Mac be installed once
> hard disk, you must and easily shared
> allocate/create a by all users
> 100 Mb hard disk file)
> --> applications can
> be shared, but only
> through the use of
> an "applications
> hard disk" which
> must be "mounted"
> within Liken
> Advanced Systems reviewed both products and favored
> MAE (slightly) over Liken. Personally I think that
> MAE will be the better product, especially once it's
> preformance improves.
> Liken is available from Andataco, and MAE is available
> from Apple.

Thanks again to all who responded and all who might respond
while the summary is on it's way out. Oh - to the gentleman
in Reno - the weather is a mixture of sun and showers at
present in Liverpool! :-) Bye,
Surface Science Research Centre,
University of Liverpool, PO Box 147,
Liverpool L69 3BX, UK.
Tel:051-794-3877 Fax: 051-708-0662

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