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Date: Thu Aug 25 1994 - 20:08:53 CDT

I've got a partial excuse for getting this wrong, it's
not all that clear in TFM :)

It turns out that to load a config.annex file created by
na you need to use the na command "read"

Thanks to

Daniel Pollack <> (Stephen Harris)
Ian Donaldson <>
Pug <>
Neil Rickert <>

original post follows :


I'm having a problem getting a Xylogics Annex III (Annex-3-UX R8.0)
to read a config file from a Sun4c machine running 4.1.3

na is quite happy to generate said file, using the write command, and it
puts it into /home/annex/erpcd/bfs/config.annex, but then altering
that, and booting, it fails to reload the file back into the annex.
(I'm testing it by altering the location field for a port on the
config.annex file, and then rebooting and checking the port settings
on the annex)

na reports :

                Annex Name: chatter

   load_dump_gateway: load_dump_sequence: net
          image_name: "" motd_file: "motd"
         config_file: "config.annex" authoritative_agent: Y

so this should be ok, the permissions on the file are :

drwxr-xr-x 2 root daemon 512 Aug 25 13:57 .
drwxr-xr-x 3 root daemon 512 Aug 25 14:25 ..
-rw-r--r-- 1 root daemon 87328 Aug 25 14:25 config.annex

and erpcd is being run as root.

I've hacked at erpcd's source to redefine the BFS dir to be
/home/annex/erpcd/bfs, and a strings on erpcd reveals :

{23} : strings /home/annex/bin/erpcd | grep bfs

which is also ok.

Is there some way to trace the boot process on the annex to see what
erpcd's doing? I've sat and watched boot run on the annex's console,
and it finds the oper.42.enet file with no problems, is there anything
anyone can think of that's causing it to fail to find the config.annex
file in the same directory?

thanks for any advice anyone can give, I'll summarise if anyone's interested?


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