SUMMARY: Need to increase possible in.telnetd sessions past 64

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Date: Mon Aug 22 1994 - 23:56:04 CDT


This one is apparently very easy, because nothing really needs to be done!

My original post:

> Hi all,
> I need to boost the available in.telnetd sessions on a SPARC2 running Solaris
> 2.3 past the hard limit of 64. Does anybody know where I can get the source
> code for in.telnetd? Any other advice to offer?

According to the responses I received, the in.telnetd source code, when
compiled for SYSV (which is the case for the Solaris 2.3 version), uses
/dev/ptmx to get the next available pseudo-terminal. Thus the hard limit
is determined by how many pty's your system is configured to have.

Under 4.3 BSD, the source code only enumerates pty's over the range /dev/ttyp0
to /dev/ptysf. This does, in fact impose the hard limit of 64.

If you need to know how to reconfigure your number of pty's on Solaris 2.3,
here are the simple instructions:

1. Include the following two lines in your /etc/system file

        set npty = 255 #number of 4.x pseudo-terminals
        set pt_cnt = 255 #number of 5.x pseudo-terminals

2. Reboot with boot -r.

If you are using BSD and would like to know how to fix the in.telnetd source
or perhaps use an already modified binary, you may want to contact (Cambridge) who has a working version.

Many thanks to : (Michael John J. Ellis) (Daniel R. Bidwell) (Quentin C. Bracken) (Mic Kaczmarczik) (Perry Hutchison) (Glenn Satchell) (K.M. Jeary)

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