SUMMARY:Should I reboot daily?

Date: Tue Aug 23 1994 - 21:50:33 CDT

Thanks for all of the responses. At this writing, I have received
a lot of replies, consequently, my summary is late.

Here is the original post:
> Hi,
> What is the group concencus on rebooting machines? I
> have a user on my network who insists that a workstation
> or fileserver must be rebooted every day to kill of any
> zombie processes and keep the machine from bogging down.
> I've never considered doing this before, and frankly, it
> sounds stupid. However, I recognize that I could be wrong.
> Opinions?

A couple of you are for rebooting every day, some are for rebooting
periodically (once a week or twice a month), and a staggering majority
find it to be stupid to do it unless something you have installed requires it.
Most pointed out that the symtoms indicate a need to fix a software problem
on the system (ie. something is leaking memory).

The system in question is a Sparc 5 clone running 4.1.3 (Solaris 1.1.1B). The
two main resource hogs are INN and the mud. One or both of these is seen to
be the nasty software in question (actually, the mud is really under the microscope).

If you have any experience with them, let me know.

The following is a sample of the many people who replied: weekly never periodically never (stupid) periodically periodically? never (bonkers, that's when problems occur) never (it's nonsense) reboot daily, if necessary never (they aren't toys) never (it's a syptom of something else) periodically (once a month) never (stupid) periodically never (just say "no") never (stupid)
boenning@becherovka periodically (daily is stupid) never never? (once a week for a mainframe IBM, etc) periodically periodically never 9stupid, looses valuable time) periodically? (not sure if it is necessary) never (what will it gain you?) never periodically? (sometimes you have to) periodically (once a week at most) periodically (once a month) periodically (depending on use) never never (unless you want to do it when when
                                       he needs access to it) never (legacy from the old days) periodically (one a month) never periodically (2-3 months)
bsd670mp! daily never?
acmcr! never never (is this guy a DOS refugie?) never (no need to reboot on a daily basis) periodically (once a month) periodically (once a week) never (saturn up 259 days, 11:47) never periodically (once every 2 weeks) never (*maybe* 1/month if Openwin is used) never (but boarders on periodically) never (now and then perhaps) never never (could blow up on re-boot) periodically (once every 1 to 2 weeks) periodically (once a week)

I missed a few, I know. However, there were so many responses, it was taking forever
to summarize. Thanks to you all...

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