SUMMARY : Monitoring tool for ROSS 4-CPU

From: Bjarte Ferstad (
Date: Tue Aug 23 1994 - 11:44:26 CDT

My original message :


At our site we have got two ROSS 2*55Mhz CPU boards for Sparcstation 10,
for testing. The problem is that we have no tool for monitoring the
load on each CPU. Does anybody know of such a tool, perhaps with a
graphical view of the CPU-load ?
I would also appreciate it if there is anybody out there who want to
share their experience with ROSS CPU-upgrades with me.
We are using SunOS 4.1.3 with a patch from ROSS.

Please reply to :

Thanks !

Many have responded to this one, and most of them suggested
/usr/kvm/mpstat and /usr/kvm/mps. Check the man pages for details.
These are the multiprocessor equivalents to ps and iostat.

The list of people who responded is too long for mee to include here, so I'll
just have to say a big THANK YOU for your time to all of you !
(I got one answer before I got my own mail back from the list :-) )

Some also mentioned top and perfmeter, but these don't show per CPU loading.
You can however sort of figure it out.

And if you are using Solaris 2.x, then proctool is recommended by
several people.

One person ( sent me a program from Solbourne Computer Inc
(gage) that should display one graph per CPU. But it only came up with one
graph for my setup. It should be nice for Solbourne CPU's though.

Our experience with the ROSS CPU upgrade is limited so far, but we have
not had any problems, and that also seems to be the situation for those
who already have ROSS CPU's and told me about it.


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