SUMMARY : ksh on SunOS4.1.x

Date: Tue Aug 23 1994 - 07:39:55 CDT


Dear SunManagers,

has anybody dot any idea about where to get an ksh for SunOS4.1.x ?
I'm trying to integrated SunOS4.1.x, Solaris2.3, DEC-Ultrix, HP-UX9.0
and DEC-OSF/1 machines at our departement.
I've noted that users with a small (secondary) account on SunOS4.1.x
machines never had any complaints about being "limited" to a csh before.
However, now we're forcing them to use a single shell on all platforms,
and it turns out that nobody's willing to trade in their ksh for a csh
What are my options ? (I realize Solaris2 has a ksh, but I'm afraid that's
no short-term solution).

                                                        ERIC OLEMANS.


A lot of response here, (eventough the question has probably been asked before) .
Several other people inquired after the results, so here I go :

1. the "real thing", apparently, can be bought at AT&T Toolchest (contact ;
2. Freeware : bash : GNU-stuff; contains a ksh-feature;
                pdksh: is a ksh-subset, but will do the job;
3. Several people have responded they have received a ksh during a SUN shell
training course. As it turnes out, our local SUN-support office managed to
get met a ksh from a SUN-ftp site too. They only thing is : they include a
waver saying it is not an official SUN-product, and they cannot be held res-
ponsible for any damage done.

I took the third option : it was they easiest (nothing to compile), and if
you can't trust your SUN-support office and SUN-shell training courses,
who can you trust (a system-manager actually trusting somebody, how about
that ?).


Duncan Laidlaw
Dave Fetrow
Dan Stromberg
Oleg Chaikovsky
John Justin Hough
Markus Buchhorn
Frank Greco
Rick Fincher
Ken Teh
Rocky Gould
I appologize to those I've forgotten to mention in this list

                                                        ERIC OLEMANS.

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