SUMMARY: Sendmail re-write rule

From: DAVID MURILLO (ncsi!
Date: Mon Aug 22 1994 - 23:55:14 CDT


Can the "From:" field on an incoming message be re-written from:

1) >From: Joe User <!juser@uunet.UUCP>
2) >From:!juser@uunet.UUCP (Joe User)


I received a few replies falling in one of three categories:

1) Check the definition of "Dq". It was already set to "Dq$g$?x ($x)$.",
which seems to be fine. This appears to be used when sending messages,
and our situation is with receiving messages.
-Claus Assmann <!ca@uunet.UUCP>!perryh@uunet.UUCP (Perry Hutchison)

2) "This cannot be done with rewrite rules. The preservation of
        Comment <address>
format is hardwired in code inside 'sendmail'. Rewrite rules can
change what goes inside the <>, but they cannot remove the <>, nor
change what goes outside." I tend to believe this is the case, so
we'll just live with it for now.
-Neil Rickert <!rickert@uunet.UUCP>

3) Use a better e-mail tool, such as PC-NFS SelectMail, or fix the one
being used now. I would like to move to a real LAN-based e-mail package,
but it would take funds not yet currently available. Trying to fix the one
used now might be a possibility, but I would prefer to put the time and
money into something better for the long term.!jws@uunet.UUCP (Jim Seavey)

Thanks to all for your input!
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