Date: Mon Aug 22 1994 - 17:09:29 CDT

Hello to all Sunners,

original question was:
> does anyone out there know how to figure out if a Sparc20SX is a
> Sparc20SX8 or Sparc20SX4 ?
> I've orderd both and after opening the boxes I can't see any differences.

at first I have to excuse for the bad From an Reply-to on my last
question. I was sitting on a brandnew machine without the correct Sorry 'bout, will never happen again.
Now to the subject:

Thanx to Tim White, his Idea was:
>Look up the VSIMM part number for the SX4 and SX8. The part number is
>on the top of the VSIMM in very tiny letters.
But sorry I havn't found a part number which gives me information 'bout
the type of SX.

Jochen Bern mentioned:
>If this Number is what I think it is (Number of Color Bits per Pixel),
Sorry Jochen it isn't. The difference between SX4 and SX8 is the size of the
SX RAM, means 4MB or 8MB of SX RAM.

The Solution:
After reassembling both, the SX4 and SX8 SIMMS I take also a look at the
backside of the SIMMS and I began to feel very stupid. The SX4 SIMM consists
out of 16 memory chips on the frontside, but the SX8 consist out of 16
memory chips on the frontside AND !! another 16 ones on the backside.

So sorry for wasting your time, Dirk.

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