SUMMARY: X-Windows Login Prompt and X_Windows Screen Saver

Date: Mon Aug 22 1994 - 17:02:58 CDT

    Sorry for the delay of the summary, we had a long
    summer vacation so i was not able to tinker with
    my emails ...

    Well anyways on with the summary,. I have received
    5 reponses for my quest of the missing X-Windows
    login prompt. Three of which ask me to give them
    the summary of the responses which I will be getting.
    So in actuality I only received two answers for my
    question. Below are their suggestions ..


>> Please ensure that the xservers file in the /usr/lib/X11/xdm directory
>> has the local server in it. It may be commented out.

>> Also, ensure that the xdm-config file has the correct path and file
>> names for the various configuration files for the xdm. A good place
>> to get help on this is the X System Administrator's reference.

   I have checked all the path and to the best of my knowledge I think
   they are all correct. However still no luck with it. (By the way the
   xdm directory in the OpenWindows is located in /usr/openwin/lib/xdm)

>> A very good idea, because it is more up to date, is to get the
>> native X stuff off of mit. Install that and don't even use the X
>> stuff from Sun. Sun, in 4.1.3 still uses X11R4. I have heard
>> rumors that the xdm is somewhat broken under Sun. Get the one
>> from mit.

   Yes I was planning about it, but I was hoping that I could use the
   xdm that came along with SunOs 4.1.3. I think you are right about
   xdm having some problems. This is because I tried to explicitly placed
   the command line below in the rc file.

    /usr/openwin/bin/xdm -server ":0 Local local /usr/openwin/lib/xdm/StartOW :0"

   I did got the X-Windows login prompt and did validate correctly the
   password I entered but when I entered the correct password I received
   a blank screen and when I press <CR> I returned to the old text console
   login prompt. It seems it cannot create an X-Session. When I tried to
   login via the text console login prompt, I can enter okay. but I
   noticed that there is a core file in th root directory . Maybe
   generated by the xdm ???

   Well I guess the only way is to install the X-Windows from MIT...


>> Alot of what you ask is beyond me. The stuff I know is that when the
>> windowing environment/manager is *not* running, the "screenblank" program
>> is the little beauty from /bin that does the screen blanking/saving function.
>> The wakeup key for this blanker is the enter/return key.


   Thanks to the people who responded to my question ..


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