SUMMARY: X based Debugger

From: David R Courtade (
Date: Mon Aug 22 1994 - 16:15:19 CDT

Original posting below. As always, this mailing list has provided the
necessary information. My user is now happily debugging using ups thanks to:


Original Question:

> Hello Managers,

> I have users who are looking for an X based debugger to work with
> gcc running on SunOS 4.1.3 with X11R4. We have tried xxgdb (obtained from
> the University of Texas), but this seems to want X11R5. Due to some
> contractual problems, we have to stay with X11R4. Ideally, I would like an
> executable as the machine weare running on has limited disk resources, but
> we can work from source if you can point me at it. I will summarize, and
> thanks in advance.

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