SUMMARY: SS5 Appears Unable to Drive Several External Drives

From: B. Shorter (
Date: Mon Aug 22 1994 - 10:37:37 CDT


Thanks for responses from around the world. Dead hit correct
answer from many. The external SCSI "chain" of drives needed
an active terminator. I had forgotten that.

The SS5 system appears quite happy with its external devices

Several other points were worth remembering.

1. Make sure cable lengths are quite short. Stay far away
from 6 meters.

2. Use good quality cables with the proper impedance.

3. Seat all connectors tightly.

4. Watch for duplication of target SCSI ids.

Of course, the biggie was "use an active terminator".

Once more, thank you all. It still amazes me that help comes
quickly from all over the world, even on a weekend. I explained
our "service" to my wife, who is a Physical Therapist by trade
and a developing computer nut. She is amazed, and I continue to be so.

Bill Shorter

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