SUMMARY: How to elim. "DUMP: (This should not happen)bread from /dev/rsd2g..."

From: Kevin Weinrich (
Date: Fri Aug 19 1994 - 12:01:12 CDT

The consensus was that: fsck doesn't check for this type of error; format
should find and fix them if you use format/analyze, loop=yes (~100 times);
if format doesn't fix it, the drive is about to poop out, ABANDON SHIP.

Unfortunately, format didn't help me any - it never fixed anything.
So, I dumped to a new disk I was getting ready to add anyway (I assume
there will be some bad files there - I just don't know where) and
will ship the drive back if it's under warranty.

Kevin Weinrich       Computer Sciences Corp. (but I don't speak for them)

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