SUMMARY: SCSI Fast/Wide disks

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Date: Thu Aug 18 1994 - 12:56:27 CDT

In article <32rk0n$>, (Dan Razzell) writes:
> I'm on the verge of buying a bunch of SCSI Fast/Wide 20MB/s disks to go
> on a Sparc 20 file server. Any guesses as to whether differential or
> single-ended is going to become most common out there in the Unix F/W
> marketplace?

Everybody says go differential for Fast/Wide. Technically it's more solid,
and from this small sample I get the impression that it's the more popular

There was one strange case that I think people might check out if they are
planning something like what I've described:

From: Bern Fox <>

        We've had three SS20/612, with thirty Seagate Elite 3, on four Sun
        DWIS/S Sbus adapters running (sorta....) Solaris 2.3 since mid July.
        On paper this is looks like like a good way to get some I/O
        performance increases, but so far throughput has something less than
        spectacular. The ST43401ND has really been a solid drive for us
        in other configurations, but for some reason, yet to be explained, the
        SS20 / DWIS/S / isp driver combination does not gracefully handle
        real (or perceived) retryable read errors.

        The jury is still out, but I would be willing to bet that something
        from the patch-miesters at SSMC is forthcoming and might fix (mask)
        the problem. Almost the same setup has been running since January
        (SS10/512 (2), ST43401ND (16), Solaris 2.3) with SBS440-D Sbus cards
        from Performance Tech. without a glitch.

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