Re: Toshiba 3401B for SS1+/4.1.3 (summary and more Qs)

From: Wei Jen Yeh (
Date: Wed Aug 17 1994 - 21:06:43 CDT

  Thanks for suggestions and the pointers to the cd-rom FAQs. It seems
that people have

1. successfully booted Solaris 2.3 from 3401B (with the hardware patch)
   and Plextor 5028 (with the dip-swtich properly set) and
2. unsuccessfully booted 4.1.3 from the 3401 on a SS1+ and later access
   requires a kernel patch.

However, it is still unclear

1. whether it is possible to ``boot'' (install) ``4.1.3'' from the
   ``Plextor'' on a ``SS1+'', and
2. whether it is necessary to disable sync mode (as suggested by a
   netter) in order to boot/mount, after setting the switch.

I ask these question because I'm purchasing a used SS1+ and like to know
how to deal with OS (re-)installation when I need to (such as when the
disk crashes), and I'd like to stick with 4.1.3 for now. Is it possible to
purchase a licensed 4.1.3 (and the docs) from Sun now? What is the cost
then? What is the standard OS upgrade policy for people with 2nd-hand
systems (with licensed or possibly unlicensed OS)?

Thanks again for any suggestions.

--Wei Jen

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