SUMMARY: Solaris 2.3 print problem (SunOS 4.1.3 server)

From: Henrik Schmiediche (henrik@PICARD.TAMU.EDU)
Date: Fri Aug 19 1994 - 20:49:09 CDT

I had posted an earlier summary concerning some Solaris 2.3 transition
problems I was having. One of them was getting the Solaris 2.3
printers to talk to SunOS 4.1.3 print servers. This is the relevant
part of the message:

*The printer setup in Solaris sure is nice, but I can't get
*my Solaris machine to communicate with the remote printer.
*I went through the trouble shooting section and eveything seems
*to be fine. "lpstat -p" says:
*printer hp1 faulted. enabled since Thu Aug 11 08:59:18 CDT 1994. available.
* system not responding
*printer sp1 faulted. enabled since Thu Aug 11 09:04:50 CDT 1994. available.
* system not responding
*The log entries say:
*08/11/94 12:33 p 169 <none> Starting.
*08/11/94 12:33 p 169 <none> Starting lpNetParent.
*08/11/94 12:33 p 169 <none> Initialized & Polling.
*08/11/94 12:33 p 169 <none> Started child for lore, pid = 178
*08/11/94 12:33 p 169 <none> Started child for picard, pid = 180
*08/11/94 12:33 c 178 lore NAKed by remote lpd (108)
*08/11/94 12:33 c 180 picard NAKed by remote lpd (112)
*08/11/94 12:43 c 178 lore waiting for remote queue to be enabled
*08/11/94 12:43 c 180 picard waiting for remote queue to be enabled
*The remote queues are enabled (as far as I know). The remote printer
*to say "no deamon present" and "lpc restart sp1" don't fix that (as
*the answerbook trouble shooting section implies), but I never had any
*problems printing. Anyone know what in the world is a "NAKed" and how
*does one fix this problem?

Here is the solution. First I installed the 2.3 recommended patches
for Solaris 2.3. This did not solve the printer problem but it did
make the error message clearer. Now lpstat responded with "your host
to dot have line printer access" or something similar (instead of
"system not responding." The relevant section in the 4.1.3 lpd man

     Access control is provided by two means. First, all
     requests must come from one of the machines listed in either
     the file /etc/hosts.equiv or /etc/hosts.lpd. (This latter
     file is in hosts.equiv(5) format.) Second, if the rs capa-
     bility is specified in the printcap entry, lpr(1) requests
     are only be honored for users with accounts on the printer

This was pointed out in my summary post on this issue. What delayed me
finding the problem is that my "hosts.equiv" did containg the Solaris
2.3 machine host name and access had been established. The access
control in "hosts.equiv" was in the form of a netgroup statement. It
seems that this was the cause of my problems - that is (and I am
speculating here) that lpd will not handle netgroups in hosts.equiv
when the client program is running Solaris 2.3. The solution was to
simply add my Solaris 2.3 machine to the hosts.equiv file as a
hostname and not a netgroup. Adding the Solaris 2.3 host to
"hosts.lpd" also works. Not that the netgroup pointer in "hosts.equiv"
does seem to work for remote logins.

  - Henrik

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