SUMMARY: Is texture mapping supported by the Sun ZX graphics card?

From: Matt Wells (
Date: Fri Aug 19 1994 - 07:37:51 CDT

I asked:

> The subject says it all really. We have recently had access to a SPARC 20
>Model 612MP with ZX Graphics card and Solaris 2.3. I wanted to test the
>facility to map textures to volume surfaces and chose the AVS (AVS 5.01) s/w
>package to test this as it was easy to switch between the s/w and h/w
>rendering options. The results seemed to indicate that the ZX card could
>not support texture mapping.

Only two replies on this one (Does this mean the ZX card is a great source
of revenue for Sun?). I'll include them in full - since they are both
>From said
>The basic answer is no, the ZX does not support hardware textures.
>However, I have seen Sun demo textures on the ZX. It seems that
>the hardware supports it to some degree, they're just not releasing
>the software that makes it happen.

>From hkatz@com.lehman
>you may getting a better answer from something like comp.sci.visualization

 (One day maybe we'll get a USENET feed)

AVS Support Said:

>The AVS install notes for the Sun mention some known problems with texture
>mapping and that Sun are dealing with these.
>It seems that the best thing to do is to contact Sun and ask what the
>situation is, though there are two patches around at the moment which seem
>to be important (one is definitely an X server patch).
>Try to get the following patches from Sun:

(Neither patch made any difference to my particular problem)

What I Am Going To Do

I'll call Sun and see what they say and also I will look into the option of
modifying the data so that it appears to be a true 3d data set (rather than
the secondary operation of mapping a texture onto a pre-calculated surface)
- as I am hoping this may be a work around. Any further late breaking news
welcome - I will re-summarize if needs be.

Matt Wells
Sys Admin, ITM Group, Land Use, Macaulay Research Institute, Aberdeen.

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