SUMMARY: MIME-aware tools?

From: Aline H. Runde - MicroModule Systems (
Date: Fri Aug 19 1994 - 04:58:01 CDT

> Dear Sun Managers,
> The subject says it all. Does any of you know about MIME-aware tools?
> I get a file from customers that need that tool to uudecode it.
> Is there any free software out there that has the same functionality?
> Thanks, Aline...

Thanks for the quick feedback to my MIME-aware tool question. I got a
couple flames saying that the question asked is not appropriate for this
list, I truly apologize for that.

The free sotware is PINE from the University of Washington. You can find
it at, latest version is 3.89

You can find the info for MIME at

Many, many thanks to the following Managers and I'm sorry if I missed any:

From: (Jerry Stachowski)
From: Philip Moose <>
From: Doug Hall <>
From: Dave Fetrow <>
From: Mike Blandford <>
From: Bill Lenherr <>
From: John Kinsella<>
From: (
From: Jonathan Loh <jloh@futon.SFSU.EDU>
From: Gautam Das <>
From: (Russ Bebb - 452-0130)
From: (Tim Evans)
From: (Steve Ozoa)
From: David Fan <david@magma.COM>
From: Michael Myers <>
From: Aydin Edguer <edguer@MorningStar.Com>
From: gedetil@cs.UManitoba.CA (Gilbert E. Detillieux
From: (Richard Davis)

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