SUMMARY: NIS+ aliases with sendmail 8?

From: Mic Kaczmarczik (
Date: Thu Aug 18 1994 - 16:56:32 CDT

My original question:

>Does anybody know where I can get patches for sendmail 8.6.9 to use
>the NIS+ aliases table? Or, example code that looks up a name in a
>NIS+ table, so I can try to do it myself?

The results:

One ``me too'', one request for clarification, and one pointer to the
routine nis_list(), which lets you search NIS+ tables using a C
callback routine to process table entries that match. No pointer to
sendmail 8.6.9 patches or example code.

Following the pointer to nis_list(), it looks like an alias lookup is
roughly the same as
        nismatch alias=aliasname mail_aliases

This can be done using nis_list() within a C program, so I can
probably make the changes myself given enough time.

I also found the aliasadm command, the command line utility for
managing NIS+ mail aliases. The man page for aliasadm explains the
meanings of the columns in the aliases table.

Thanks to: (Keith S. Pickens)
epl@Kodak.COM (Boyd Merworth)

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