Summary: NIS-Problem

Date: Thu Aug 18 1994 - 08:29:17 CDT

Hello out there,
thanks for the quick and overwhelming response to my question about
NIS-Server and routers.

Here's the summary:

As it's been guessed, there is no solution other then:
. Put a nis-server (better two) in each segment. This definitely
  is not a very good soloution here, since we have segments with NO suns
  inside, and we try to be homogenous at least on the nis-side...
. Every machine with a harddisk should be a nis-server, well, how to make
  an old apollo into a nis-server ?
. Put more ethernet-interfaces into the nis-server and let this one act
  as a nis-'router'. Could go but is uncomfortable to us, since our
  routers with the segments are located far from each other, thus we
  would need at least 3 well equipped machines.
. Live with it, hm, we currently try so, but that's no good
. Ask your router-provider 3Com about a solution, and yes, that's it.
  We run version 7 and starting with version 7.1 there is an udp-helper
  included which should do just that :-) :-)

Well, thanks for the info's anyway. Your responses assured me that there
really is no other solution that the ones just discussed.
I'm looking forward to the new 3com-software.
Mathias Gaertner


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