SUMMARY: wtmpx filling

From: Steve_Kilbane (
Date: Thu Aug 18 1994 - 07:52:53 CDT

well, the UNSOLVED message did the job - Dirk Boenning noticed and sent a
solution. My problem was that wtmpx filled up *way* too quickly, and
needed frequent clearing. Here's Dirk's solution:

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Date: Thu, 18 Aug 1994 10:34:13 --100
From: (Dirk Boenning)

there is a big, but known, bug from Solaris 2.3 causing this ugly
upfilling. It will be solved within Solaris 2.4. But until you should
install patch 101318-54 (Jumbo kernal patch). Since I have installed
this patch the upgrowing of wtmp* is much slower. Caution, beware of
the revision number of this patch. Version 50 for example is in itself
more buggy than a machine without, so look out only for the 54 Version.
It's available at for example.

Hope it helps.
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I'll be obtaining this patch from Sun shortly.

Thanks to Dirk, and to anyone else whose reply I haven't yet received.


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