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My question was:

> Dear Sun Managers,
> My application uses postscript printing on the Newsprint20. I have
> another laser printer which does not support postscripts. Is there any
> way to print postscripts on a non-postscript printer ?
> I need this solution so that when the Newsprint20 breaks down, I have a
> fallback.

Thanks to all those who give me the answers.

Our site uses "gs" (ghostscript previewer) as a device driver to print
a postscript file to a non-postscript printer.
You can use ghostscript if it has a driver to your printer...
I recall that the NeWsprinter SW has also drivers for various other
printer brands. You can even develop your own driver if you like.
Try ghostscript available at eg. ( in
/pub/gnu. There is also a ghostview, so that you can preview a
postscript file.
If the document is text only there are a number of utility program out
there that will do the conversion (ps2ascii, lwf etc).
get another postscript printer, they're not that expensive
Use a postscript display tool - pageview/ghostscript, and save the
files in a raster format. Use the P[BGPN]M tools to convert the raster
format to a format printable on one of your other printers.
Use something like a2ps/pstext to convert the postscript to
text and print the text.

Thanks again to:

Pedro Roque Marque
Marcel Bernards
Ulla Fischer
Tim Wort
Stephane Beland
Charles Mengel
Jesse Adam
Jochen Bern
Birger A. Wathne
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