SUMMARY: booting from second scsi controller?

From: Ron Stanonik (
Date: Wed Aug 17 1994 - 18:17:04 CDT

My question was, "How do we boot our 4/490 off a drive
on the second scsi". That answer apparently, is that
you cannot boot this specific model from a second scsi;
ie, move a drive to the first scsi. (Glenn Satchell)
        Gregory Bond <>

There apparently is a patch (100207) for booting off of
a second controller, but the patch only explicitly mentions
smd drives, and it didn't work for us. (Robert Wolf) (Timothy Baum 432-2765)

Other suggestions were

        check our config file
       (Kevin W. Thomas)

        check our installboot command
       (Drew Dean)

Thanks all, now time to move a drive.

Ron Stanonik

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