Ghostscript Summary

From: HALL, BRYAN D. (
Date: Wed Aug 17 1994 - 19:20:25 CDT

   Thanks for all who replied to my request on ghostscript compilation.
Since I loaded Solaris from CD, it seems I missed loading the X11
libraries, which are identified as a package as OpenWindow libs. This was
the key, as I was searching for Xwindow libs on the cd. Once loaded,
"system SUNWowinc OpenWindows include files", I
then needed to modify the X lib paths and configure it for the hplj
drivers. However, it still errored on make, because several c files had
not been compiled (and therefore could not be linked). So, I looked at the
makefile and found an entry for begin. So make begin compiled the missing
object files. I now have a working ghostscript (yeah).

Thanks to: (Jon Green) (Sean Ward) (Timothy Baum 432-2765)
Pedro Roque Marques <>
"Timothy Heberling" <>
grevemes@VTC.TACOM.Army.Mil (Steven Grevemeyer) (Roland Conybeare)
Ian_MacPhedran@engr.USask.CA (Ian MacPhedran) (Marco A. Gaspar R.) (Veselin Terzic) (Steve Wallace) (Reggie Dugard)
"Andrew F. Mitchell" <>

Bryan Hall
GIS Systems Admin, VAFB

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