SUMMARY: Mentor and OpenWindows 3

Date: Wed Aug 17 1994 - 18:21:50 CDT

Hi again,

I have found the solution to the problem of the strange behaviour of Mentor
under OW3. The original posting is at the end of this message.

First of all, thanks to:

Robert J Wolf (

who sent me a list of suggested patches to install.

The solution.

It was sufficient to change the so-called 'window focus policy' (the
way a window among other windows gets the keyboard input) from
'Click' to 'Pointer'. This can be accomplished in two ways:

1 - Edit your file ~/.Xdefaults and add the following line:
                 OpenWindows.SetInput: followmouse

2 - Use the OW menu WORKSPACE > Properties... > Category Miscellaneous >
    Set Input Area: Move Pointer

The method n. 2 has the side effect of scrambling a bit the ~/.Xdefaults
file, so I used method n. 1 and everything worked perfectly from that
moment on.

Thanks again for your attention. Ciao!

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--------------------- Original posting ----------------------------------
Hi Sun Managers,

I am experiencing a strange problem using Mentor software under SunOS.
(Mentor is an ECAD tool, btw).

ENVIRONMENT: a Sparc2 running SunOS 4.1.3 with OpenWindows 3 (remotely
             mounted) and MIT X11R5 (remotely mounted, too).

             Patches: 100444-41, 100689-01, 100170-10 (as required by Mentor).
             Mentor software V8.4 running under either OW3 or X11R5.

PROBLEM: Within Mentor under OW3, the creation of a window (for example a
         transcript window for log information) does not behave as expected.
         It is possible to instruct Mentor to open such a
         window by following placement and dimension as dictated by the user
         ("Ask user for position").
         This is the point: the user should point and click to the opposite
         corners of the wanted window, but what happens instead is that
         at the first click, a window occupying the whole space available
         to it is created.

         Within Mentor under X11R5, everything works OK. Nevertheless, I need
         to make it work under OW3, because Mentor HAS to run under OW3
         at other sites where X11R5 is not available.

         Our local support people say this behavior does not show at their
         site: the same happens for the Mentor people in the U.S.
         Based upon their suggestions, I tried not to use X11R5 (by
         unmounting it before using Mentor under OW3), but the problem
         still persists.

         Any hints about this? Thanks a lot, I will summarize.

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